Your fearless leader has moved out of state, but some of the originals still race every may. Check them out here

– El Capitan, Former Trike Org

This May, race your skateboards, hippity hops, inchworms, trikes, big wheels, baby bikes, wagons and diy creations. Drink up, and I'll see ya there suckas!

– El Capitan, Trike Organizer

What are these two adults doing, already drunk at 3:35 on a Sunday afternoon, sitting on two funny-looking tricycles in front of a bar in Queen Anne?

– Kelly-O, The Stranger (read article)

Is it safe? No. Is it 100 percent legal? Probably not. Does the Seattle P-I recommend riding a three-wheeled children’s toy from the top of Queen Anne Hill to the bottom? Are you kidding?

– The Seattle P-I (read article))


01. Info 02. Rules 03. Trophy 04. Racers 05. Fund 05. Promote and Share


Announcement: THE RACE HAS BEEN POSTPONED AND/OR CANCELLED. But check out the unofficial fb event here. Remember the good times! We will, and we hope you carry on the tradition in a new and fun way or racing kids toys down a hill. (Your founder has moved out of state)


Stop cheating! Here are the basic rules for the winning trophy:

Your trike must roll into a square box, 36” wide by 36” long. This box will be chalked out and your trike will be measured before any trophies are awarded. No exceptions. Measure your trikes!

You MUST follow the exact route. There are cones, flags and maps to guide you. This is for the safety of all our racers. It is not a door to door winner race, if you bomb straight down queen anne hill, you will not win. We try to keep triking a safe and fun event for all, please don’t die.

Three wheelers
The winning trike must have 3 wheels and be human powered by one person. No motors!

Not in it for the glory of the trophy? Cool, neither is your El Capitan. I love to drink and ride my tricycle. Skateboards, hippity hops, baby bikes, wagons are ALL welcome. Bring em, race em, drink up!

Winning or cheating»

The official winner receives “The triple D Cup”

Former trophy holders include Jeff, Thomas, ??, and Tad - The 5th annual winner could be you!

The cheaters cup is bestowed upon the individual first down the hill that signs up for the cheater option at registration. You will be informed of all the glorious ways to cheat and still get a trophy, a.k.a. “The horses ass.

Which trophy are you going to be displaying proudly on your mantle?


Racers - Know before you go


Speed up your reg time by downloading/printing/bringing the forms for race day here

It's also very much stressed that you wear protective gear such as a helmet, gloves, closed toe shoes and long pants. If you doubt me, check out video number 1 in the vid gallery. Wipe out!

The Fund

Biker Down Fund

The biker down fund is simply a rainy day fund for bikers in need.

We raise money every year with this trike race and proceeds go into the skippy jar, and boy is that one stinky jar full of dirty money. It smells like beer, cigarettes and tears.

The fund qualifying basics:

1. Recipient must have gone on at least one ride with Seattle Motorcycle Riders.
2. Recipient must have had a motorcycle accident, occurring while he or she is riding, not off the bike.
Our goal is to have a months rent for someone who really would be in dire straits without the fund. Of’course the committee decides all the details and amounts given.

Your El Capitan doesn't deal with all that shit, I just like to drink and ride my trike.

Promote and Share




Tri Story

01. And so it begins 02. The future 03. Credits


The creator of the great and wonderous trike race is none other than your
“El Capitan” - Elise, as she is known outside of the racing world.

One night, over far too many beers, El Capitan turned to her friend Angela and said "I want to race a kids trike down the hill, whilst drunk". And with two words exclaimed by Angela "YOU SHOULD", the trike race was born.

First off was to test a route, so on a blustery day Angela followed Elise as she slid and skidded from Targy's Tavern, down Queen Anne Hill and into the Streamline Tavern. And with that, a route and a plan had been formed.

Flyers and a blog were the only promotions for the 2008 trike race, El Capitan thought for sure that no one would show up on the rainy November day...but low and behold not just one, but 11 racers showed up that day along with four times their weight in gawkers.

We made the Seattle P-I that year, and El Captan became legend among drinker and trikers alike. Each race gets bigger and better, with over 40 racers and hundreds in gawkers that attend each year.

And so it has come to be, every May - the Sunday after Mothers day - the annual trike race is still going down. Drink up Suckas, your El Capitan is excpecting you.

READ the Seattle Times article from 2012

The future»

Ahhh alas. The end of an era.

It's time to go out with a bang people, this will be our last race.

Sign up and volunteer on race day, mostly we need flaggers (they guide the drunken racers down the route). Email El Capitan at

Please remember that this is a residential hood and that yes you can get hurt. So don't be a dumb ass, wear your helmet and gloves and pick up after your broken asses and trikes. Don't let us go down in flames, go out with a drunken bang! Last call for Trike-A-HOL!


Many thanks to:

Espresso Buzz and his awesome photos
Dana Honstain, Illustrator of the site background images
The flaggers
Angela for the encouragement
Rene for taking it to 11
The Seattle Bikers for the escorts and beer, uhhh not like it sounds
The racers, in all their costumed hippity hop, skate boarding glory
The king of the flaggers
Shaney, Debi, Tad, Gaela, Jerry, Kevin, Jill and all my biker peeps that set up
Mark Siano, for the short shorts
The SPD, for not busting us, yet
The Bars, for hosting our drunk idiotic juvenille asses...
But most of all, I thank china, for all their cheap sweat shop toys I ride.

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Video Story

Wipe out!

Check out why we recommend helmet and gloves.

The starting line

Crazy costumes, a clown, and someone in a pink wig. Gotta love a trike race where beer and costumes are encouraged.

Trophy ceremony

The winners will forever go down in History, Trike on!

Trikey Mishaps 2011

Batman - you broke your batmobile!

Straight on down

The daphinator heads for the finish line

Biker Raffle

Rene gets the megaphone, and then a lot of shooters. Dude!

2008 dead heat

Watch as the first ever trike for beers trophy winner takes on the Seattle PI cam. Jeff won on his own custom welded diy trike, made from a shopping cart.

Did it all for the trophy

Seattle Times covers the trike race. Sorry, we can't embed that one easily, so check it out here.


Photo Gallery


Find Us

600 West Crockett St.
Seattle, 98113, USA
Tel: 206.555.555

Twitter: @trikeforbeers

01. Bus lines: 1, 2
02. Cab: Yes call one
03. Your sober friend: get a ride



As always, we need volunteers to make the trike race a success. This is not for profit, just a dreamed up stunt by your El Capitan back in 2008 and its going strong ever since. So sign up to help, be a flagger or help promote. Volunteer! You will get prime race route seating for all the wipe outs.